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Friday, January 11, 2008

Selma Blair: Effortless Chic

If you want to go for a more casual lot this season then take some inspiration from Selma...please no sweaty betty joggers and uggs o! (although ive been guilty of that).

She's bang on trend mixing neutrals into her look and its so simple to work and a very flattering colour palette. I've wanted a hat like that for ages but the winter seems to go by quickly and i dont need it anymore :-)
To re-create her cute and casual look for less cash go to this website
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eHummer said...

hmmm , girl, while i think ur taste is great, i cannot agree with this effortless chick article.. believe me , before i got the gall to disagree with you i had to look again and again - and again. I'm sure Selma is dressing for comfort but the only word that comes to mind is GRANNY!I can only thank God you didnt find the cap, cos its very unflattering( dont mean to be harsh) ,the outfit is A ok - if u have more important things to do than dress up

Oyinkan said...

lol! I guess our styles are different and i hope i find the hat...its so cute and will keep me extremely warm. Ha ha ha i still like it :-)