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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Update on my relocation/The Carters/Beyonce's Boho Style

Had a crazy day today. Local government workers are just so nonchalant. Why does it have to take almost 5 hours to achieve something that can be done in 45minutes. Damn!
If I didn't already mention it, I'm doing my NYSC in Lagos, Nigeria and today was community development day (once a week for a whole year) which is why I was at the local government. Apart from the stress of having to deal with the local government and nysc officials, it's been going well. My job gets more demanding everyday but I'm in banking so it's expected. Also, I'm meeting new people everyday - the nice and the not-so-nice. Feeling less like a foreigner in my own country as time goes by.
OK. Enough about me.
Jay Z and Beyonce out shopping in New York city. Don't they just look so cute and together?

Seems like B is doing her own version of boho chic. Verdict is still out on the NYC outfit for me. She looks nice but there's too much going on. I think I love all the pieces individually in that first photo especially the dress and necklace.
While out in Vienna, she rocks a skimpy tank, J. Brand jeans, YSL cage boots, a Valentino bag and a fedora hat. I like the relaxed and casual feel of the outfit - it looks like something Zoe Kravitz might wear. I hate those shoes! The heel makes it look even worse.
Photo credits: Concrete Loop,

Maxwell Debuts New Video

Well it's about time!!! God knows I've been waiting an eternity for this. Singer Maxwell released the video for his new song “Pretty Wings” on Tuesday. The first album off the highly anticipate trilogy "Black Summer's Night will be released on July 7th after an EIGHT year hiatus.

I love the song. It's still Maxwell...a little more grown and sexy (still miss the hair sometimes :-). His voice is still aMazing - like butter melting on warm toast. I'm off to have a listening party with Maxwell's old joints.

Friday, April 17, 2009


If you change who you are and live your life preoccupied with not wanting people to hate'll eventually end up hating yourself.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Elle Magazine's No Makeup Issue

The April issue of French Elle features eight female European celebrities including Eva Herzigova, Monica Bellucci, Sophie Marceau, and Charlotte Rampling -all without makeup.


The photos are certainly different and I think is time to start re-programming our brains and realize that nobody is perfect. These ladies look relaxed, vulnerable, natural and as gorgeous as ever but most of all they look REAL.

Monica Belluci - 44

Eva Herzigova - 36

Sophie Marceau - 42

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hello! It's been a while...I KNOW! I got hit with a lack of inspiration again coupled with the fact that whenever I come to do a blog post, all I want to do is spill my guts about my personal issues. I decided a long time ago that this blog would be about fashion, entertainment and all things fun so I'll refrain from sharing.
Maybe I'll come up with something when I stop pressuring myself into doing a post.


All I want is you by Barry Louis Polisar