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Monday, March 31, 2008

Harem Pants...would you?

Harem Trousers, Topshop

I know what you're thinking..."You can't touch this!", lol! I haven't really decided on this trend yet. When I first noticed them, i honestly thought ewwww, but I'm beginning to toy with the idea of actually wearing them (i'll probably change my mind in a minute).

Rihanna at the Teen Choice Awards 2008

Not even gonna comment on Riri's top but i kinda like the way the way the pants look in this outfit.

Harem all-in-one, ASOS

Hmm....interesting! Reminds me a little of ABBA

Okay this one has a little bit less of the slouchy crotch, may be a little more wearable. What do you think? Does it scream hot fashionista or is it more fashion victim?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

They're baaaack!

The Hills is back! Hooray! I'm bouncing off the walls. I've just watched the new season premiere and it was great! Drama, drama as usual. Spencer is still a prat (although i felt a lil bad for him in the episode), Brody has been confirmed as an A-class jerk - we could all see that coming.
Lauren and Whitney had a great time in Paris, although some of it seemed a bit too chick flick but i don't care. And OMG that french guy, Matthias, I bet we all knew exactly what he was thinking about Lauren in the club scene (wink wink)



Sunday, March 23, 2008

Channel Your Inner Rock Chick

Ashlee Simpson is really coming into her own now in the style stakes. She combines edgy and sexy to create her rock star look. I think anyone can take elements from this look and you don't have to like rock music either!


Step 1
Smoky eyes are the signature look of the rock chick. It is 'make-up with attitude' but sultry and sexy. It gets a bit messy so its better to do the eyes first before applying foundation. Apply matte eye shadow (grey or black depending on skin tone) across your eyelids and in the centre of your lower lash line. Blend for a sultry and sexy look, I find it easier using my fingers.

Step 2
Use a soft dark eye pencil and draw a line along the lower lashes and add a little more to the outer edges. Draw a thicker line along the upper lashes and smudge with your finger and add a pale shadow on top of the black eyeliner to set the make-up.

Step 3
Apply shimmery eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes below the lash line, and onto the eyelids. I use a glossy sparkly silver as it usually stays in place. Use a lengthening, volumising mascara in black. Apply with the tip of the wand where there is an excess build up of mascara and apply loads of layers for a dramatic look. Clean up under the eyes with cotton buds and apply foundation.

Step 4
Finish off with a nude lipgloss to keep all the attention on the eyes.
Don't forget the nail polish! It doesn't have to be black, it could be any other dark colour, I love browny red base tones.

Key Staples
  • Skinny Jeans
  • leather Jacket
  • Converse All-stars
  • Edgy Jewellery
  • Printed T-Shirts

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happily Ever After...or not!

I just watched yet another sappy tear-jerking romantic movie and it got me thinking about that quest for ‘the one’ and all the difficulties involved with it. First off, the dating stage. I think romance is becoming more and more extinct with the new era of casual hook-ups and drunken sexual encounters. I’m not getting on my moral high horse here but whatever happened to traditional dating – dinner, flowers, a nice picnic? Some guys just want to take off without taxing. I dunno. Maybe romance novels and films have made women too idealistic and lifted our expectations of men to an unreachable standard. I was reading an article in which a man’s attitude was “if women expect men to act like they do in romance novels, then they shouldn’t be surprised if men expect them to act like porn stars”. Hello!! Being a gentleman who treats his lady with respect and shows he cares and thinks about her by making simple (not EXPENSIVE!) gestures is nothing compared with the degradation involved with the expectation to behave like a porn star! If that’s who you are then that’s your prerogative. But for me, I would like to set myself aside from the animals.

In my opinion, not being a gentleman is just lazy. I don’t want perfection either, that is boring. Even Jane Austen’s Mr Darcy was by no means perfect, the guy was an arrogant prick but he stepped-up when he realised he wanted to be with Lizzy because unlike some women back then and now, she would never have settled for less than she deserved. We women make it way too easy. I don’t know if it’s the fear of being alone or whatever but doesn’t that just give guys an excuse to treat us like crap? It now seems like their egos are so big that they won’t even make the first move anymore for fear of rejection. I was having a conversation with a bunch of guy friends and they all said they preferred not to make the first move and most guys don’t make the first move unless they are 95% sure the girl feels the same way i.e. asking her friend. COWARDICE! I say. COWARDICE! Lol! A friend of mine is actually having this problem. She knows this particular guy friend likes her and she has done everything but shout it from the roof tops that she feels the same. Unfortunately, it’s been months and the guy is still being a chicken and she is too traditional to make the first move so she’s trapped between limbo or giving up. I’m not really sure if this is a problem for the over-confident Naija guy though.

So after all this, your idealist attitudes give way to realism as age begins to creep up on you and you marry the next best guy. Are we all really destined to settle for second best? That to me would be the saddest thing but no matter how much I protest now, I fear I may succumb to the same fate after years spent waiting for ‘the one’. I can’t imagine sitting with my husband in years to come and thinking “God, how did I end up with him?” lol! It’s funny because he is probably thinking about what excuse he’s going to use to get out of the house to go hook-up with his 20year old girlfriend.

Sometimes I wonder why anyone even wants to get married anymore after hearing so many horror stories about marriage especially in Nigeria and other traditional cultures. The scariest, being that it doesn’t even take a couple of years for a marriage crisis. Imagine a groom calling up the bride’s best friend trying to get a booty call the night before the wedding and turning up the next day, saying his vows in front of his and her family and the best friend without even a hint of guilt...True story! As far as he is concerned, his life hasn’t changed and he can keep living like a bachelor. After being chatted up by about 3 married men in the past year, I find it rather disgusting that;
1) they don’t think it’s a big deal 2) they don’t think I mind being chatted up by a married man because of course society simply does not condemn this behaviour. If a woman told her friend or mother about her husband’s infidelity, they would be more likely to say “Oh well he’s a man, you know how these things go”. I’m not saying this would be the reaction in all cases but it’s definitely the attitude of the majority in Africa.

With these issues to deal with, what’s a girl suppose to do? I still want to believe in story book endings and fairytales, true love’s kiss, dancing in the moonlight, chocolate hearts and I definitely want flowers just because it’s Wednesday (definitely a line from a chick flick). I want to be wooed and asked out nicely, damn it! I want to feel like a freakin’ lady!

photo:, Brown Sugar

Monday, March 10, 2008

Changing room diaries

Hey!! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was so so. I did however have a little bit of fun shopping for work items. Thought i'd switch it up a little and have this new addition to the blog...hopefully i'll be able to keep it as a regular feature.
I generally stick to stores that cater to tall sizes when i need clothes for work because obviously those kinda clothes only work when they are cut well and fitted to your proportions, so as broke as i am, exceptions need to be made.
I thought this was just ok, a little boring and a case of peek-a-boo syndrome with the shirt, lol! Love the waistcoat. It has a little weird thing going on with the buttons as the holes are all sewn up. I think it looks great but i may have to take a pair of scissors to the holes for more versatility.

This shirt of definitely more like it! Less boring and of course incorporating the ruffles trend. It also comes with a waist tie belt as well if worn alone...that all important versatility :-)

I like the shirt + vest combo tops. It's so much easier this way. Okay i like it but i chose the next one because of the tiny floral print and chiffon.

Ahem! This is when i got distracted and started trying on other outfits. Self control won in the end though, Thank God.
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! So not feeling this dress and even layering with my cardie didnt do the trick. It's just too busy for my tastes.

This one was cute n' all and i like the bow detail on the sides (don't know if u can see it!). But, i wasn't going to be distracted from my mission. Think i did good :-)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Fashion Trend Alert Spring 2008: #2 Fancy Florals

Elie Saab Spring 2008 Collection
Well it's more a combination of florals and frills...extra feminine and pretty. From small and busy to big and bold, I reckon there's something to suit every taste. I think i'm really going to embrace this one and be a bit more girly this summer (I know its a spring trend but its too cold to for these delicate fabrics). It will probably carry on through to fall season as well.

If you're not too keen, go for a faded floral blouse with jeans or plain trousers. If you're really up for this trend like me go for a dress.

I fell in love with this Diane Von Furstenburg Dress. It's Hot!


There are lots of options on the high street. The ones modelled by Penelope Cruz are from Mango (not sure if its from the actual Penelope & Monica Cruz collection but it was just labelled under 'Penelope')

I like the top. Pretty pretty!

The next two are from Prices not bad compared to the others and its pretty similar to what they have at the other mid-low price retailers on the high street.

I've heard some experts saying we should mix prints and layer them. Er! Not taking that advice. What do you think? Is anyone looking forward to rocking this trend or are you staying well away?

Favourite Celeb Looks of the Week

Clockwise: Mandy Moore, Rashida Jones, Charlize Therone, Blake Lively, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba, Katherine Hiegl, Mischa Barton

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Its my hair and i can do what i want with it!!

Every black girl living among other races has probably had to tolerate stupid questions and comments about her weave. Such questions like: oh so its someone else's hair? Why can't you just wear your normal hair? Don't you think you are selling out? What am i even saying, some of these questions are not even limited to just non-blacks.

That sell-out question just makes me want to have a rage blackout. Its not like every woman who has a weave is trying to make some political statement or that it represents an inferior complex just because you like straight and long hair. The main culprits are in fact the men (Gosh i wish i could just wake up, run cheap soap on my head and leave the house...oh and only go to the barber once in a blue moon). As far as i'm concerned, a guy should never talk to a woman about anything concerning have noooooooo clue!

So before anyone else asks me any of these irritating questions again let me set you straight. I'm not ashamed of my hair or trying to strip myself of my african roots. Its simply easier. Depending on the climate, it actually protects the hair. It's less high maintenance, those of us who aren't follically blessed need the extra length and it let's me change up my style whenever i want.

I have a right to present myself however i like so before anyone comes at me with their afrocentric bull, just BACK OFF!!!


It had to happen at some point! I guess she likes to be adventurous once in a while but im not feeling this at all. I know its Oscar de la Renta but the fabric is just tooooo busy, loud and just looks like those cheap foil christmas wrappers! Her hair is hot as usual though :-)