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Friday, August 29, 2008

One Dress. Three Looks

I Love dresses but they can be so boxed into day or evening! If I'm forking out money for an item of clothing, i would like it to be versatile, I'm sure most women would agree. So i was browsing the topshop website for fun and came across this beauty.

Organza corsage dress

I've created three looks to get more wear for your buck

Wearing too many black accessories with this dress would be simply boring. It's okay to clash colours as long as you do it right. I love this yellow clutch by Stuart Weitzman Ufo (1), it's so classically modern and also comes in an array of gorgeous colours. Dress your feet in these open-toe Louboutins(3) can't go wrong. The cute purple rhinestone flower cocktail ring from (2) is inspired by Samantha's in sex and the makes a statement and completes this outfit.

I've incorporated the fall season folk trend into this one. The topshop jacket (1) pushed up to the elbows paired with the coin bracelet from Urban Outfitters (3) give the dress a more relaxed look. The fringed shoes (4) also from topshop are bang on trend. Ahh...the Gucci hysteria dome bag...very vintage, very chic. Not my personal taste but i can't deny its awesomeness. Whitney port has been carrying this piece of arm candy around.

Studs and glossy leggings...release your inner rock chick! The dress comes up above the knee so it would be perfect with these corset glossy leggings (1) from topshop. If you're a sandal or ankle boot gal then Gucci's got you covered. There's the studded ankle boot (2) with its classy mix of suede and leather and the marion sandals (3) are so Sarah Jessica Parker.

And there you have dress, three looks.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Solange Knowles blasts news anchor!

The Situation: Fox News Las Vegas interviewed Solange as part of her album promo but before her interview went live, Solange was asked if she would talk about the closing of Jay-Z’s Las Vegas Club 40/40. The answer was obviously no, so the anchor decided not to mention it on air. Solange wasn’t aware that this happened off-camera. She mouthed off at the anchor on live TV instead of waiting until after the show. A guy from the news team had to come on air to announce to Ms diva that they had not been live during that discussion. I can't believe how calm and upbeat the anchor was even after this.

I recently gave Solange's album a great review on my other blog but this girl is just ANNOYING! She was actually really rude and even her body language didnt show her to be very proffessional either. I felt bad for her considering she's been trying to come out from under Beyonce's shadow but pahlease! She seems to have a really bad attitude (i dont know if its a defense mechanism or something) and this high sense of entitlement. No matter how talented or hardworking she is, the public are still the ones who shell out money for the music. Beyonce would have never done that.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cassie ft. Lil Wayne - Official Girl

After jamming to this song for the past couple of weeks, i was excited to see the video for it. I can't help noticing in the dance shots and where she wears she channeling Aaliyah?! It's probably not intentional but did anyone else notice or was it just me? I'm not comparing her takents to Aaliyah or anything...i mean Cassie doesn't have much vocal range at all and just gets by on catchy beats. I just think the stylist may have had Aaliyah on their minds when shooting this video.

Watch the video -

Saturday, August 23, 2008


My favourite couple are back together! I've been wishing and hoping for this. Lol! Maybe it really is true love. Goodluck to them this time around.

Photos from

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

That girl!

The girl I'm referring to is your friend. You absolutely adore her but you're secretly jealous of her -- you are constantly conflicted because one minute, you hate her and the next you are biting some one's head off for insulting your friend! Yes guys...IT IS possible to have this range of emotions all at once, us females are a different kind of species.

I think every woman has had a friend they feel that way about. This girl is everything you are not but wish you could be. Her personal style is enviable and she could turn a fashion faux pas into a new trend...but if you tried it you would look like a freak! She is drop-dead gorgeous but incredibly witty and intelligent too. When she walks into a room, she oozes confidence and charm -everyone seems to gravitate towards her like she has this shining light around her.

She cuts her hair super short and we all jump on the band-wagon ( I certainly did!)

Hating her is extremely difficult because she just happens to be the nicest, sweetest, most decent person you know. Everyone is her best friend and she regularly keeps in touch with all 1000 and bazillion friends she has on facebook! All the guys love her because not only is she gorgeous, she can get all crazy about football and yell abuse at the screen when the game isn't going her way. Girls love her because she seems to genuinely care when they tell her their problems and she gives really great advice.

There's more than one reason why Blake Lively is the most popular gossip girl

Surely there must be a blemish somewhere? Wrong! At least non that you will ever catch a glimpse of. Her puppy pees all over her brand new designer outfit in public ala Blake Lively and you think to yourself "Yes, this is it. Not only does she have pee on her but she is going to lose her temper and show her ugly side". Instead, she laughs it off and says "Aww... you bad doggie". Huh? Bad Doggie! I woulda gone balistic and kicked that dog's butt!

The truth is that she is probably not as perfect as you think. She is human and has the same problems and insecurities as you...she just deals with it better than you do. So when you are done obsessing, trying to hate her or plot her downfall (some people do that!), maybe it would do you some good to emulate some of her characteristics. Try smiling a little more and folding your arms a little less -- you'll instantly become more approachable. When you walk into a room full of people just think "I'm fabulous" even if you don't believe it - it works! It's all about a positive attitude! Don't try to copy her style and go all 'single white/black female'! Do take some inspiration from her and find what makes you comfortable and use it to create and define your own style. under no circumstances must you assume that the guy who just smiled at you, was actually smiling at her.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Something for the Weekend

Rihanna and Chris Brown make a very cute and stylish couple. I love that vest from Elizabeth and James by Mary-kate and Ashley that she has on.
Rachel Bilson. An Ikat fan.
IKAT CRAZY! I'm really ready to get something in IKAT (resist dyeing) print. I think it possibly has something to do with designers over using African print fabrics (Ankara etc) -- It used to be special since its native to me and others where i come from.
History of Ikat according to Wikipedia: " There are known links between ikat production in India and South-East Asia. Patola cloth, a double ikat from Gujarat, western India, used to be exported to Indonesia for the use of the royal families. The patterns in the Patola Ikats are strikingly similar to the double ikats produced in Bali, Indonesia. It probably developed in several different locations independently. Ikat was known to be produced in several pre-Columbian Central and South American cultures.

ASOS has a great range of Ikat dresses, skirts and tops at very affordable prices and I'm definitely getting one of these especially now that they have discounts, lol!

QUIRKY JEWELERY. Came across some really interesting pieces of jewelery online.

Coldwater Creek Alluring Baubles necklace $29.50 is simply enchanting. A combination of shell, wood and metal. Like it!

Juicy Couture Summer of Love necklace, $230. Okay it's a nice statement piece but i have no idea why it retails for 230 dollars! I'm not even sure if the chain is real gold...I'd buy something very similar at a more sensible price.

I think a necklace like this can really pull an outfit together.

EYES NEED SHADE. So after scratching my really cool five pound sunglasses rather badly, i think it's time for a new pair. I am NOT spending more than 10 pounds but I'm taking inspiration from some fabulous designer sunglasses. I love a challenge!

Tom Ford red ombré 'Lauren' oversized sunglasses @ bluefly: $198.00
I like the tint and colour on this one. Not quite sure it suits my face shape but i am certain i have seen the same thing really cheap at topshop.

Linda Farrow Horn-rimmed Sunglasses

Very Retro! I like unusual shapes and the opaque glass makes it unique too. I can't help but think of the Mr Bennett (HRG) character from Heroes, lol!

CELEBRITY DESIGNERS. So now Mischa Barton has a range of handbags and I have finally decided to give in and check out the collection. The collection is pretty much a reflection of her style (which i hate) and they are suppose to be vintage chic (some more granny-like!). It is just not my cup of tea but in the spirit of making people aware of what's out there, here are some pieces I think are okay.

Lyla Rope Handle Bag £50.00

This one is out of stock already on ASOS so people must like it. It's a nice bag and I like the metal logo that's been chosen for the brand.

I like the shape of the clutch but it's too antique looking (not the good antique). I don't mind the flap-over shoulder bag. It's a great casual bag, I'm think Jeans or a tea-dress.

NUDE SHOES. I love this Fendi dress Cameron Diaz is wearing but do you know what I love more? The nude shoes! The minute I find nude shoes in my gigantic shoe size, I'm going to buy them no questions asked.

That's all folks! Have a great weekend

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Underneath it all

I thought i would share my beauty regime with my lovely readers today. I'll start with skincare for this post. There are no miracles and EVERYONE gets acne at some point or another. I usually have clear skin but when that dreaded 'time of the month' hits, they always come out to play! Here are some of my tips and coping strategies:
Ok this is a great product! It protects and repairs the skin from daily stresses of pollution and sun damage and is great for preventing severe scarring from acne if used as soon as they appear. I didn't actually buy this one, i shamelessly collected sample bottles from department stores, lol!

I think this is gentle enough for sensitive skin and keeps the skin's natural moisture balance. According to the product description, the skin is purified and dirt is removed while the skin’s own lipids are respected and moisturisers help prevent skin dehydration.
I think it does a pretty good job.

I have to change cleansers when summer comes along or i find myself in a hot country. The heat gives me really oily skin so i use Neutrogena Deep clean for normal to oily skin. It really dries out the skin so i would not recommend it for sensitive skin.


I always use a toner after cleansing, it gets all the excess residue from make-up and cleansing products off your face. It is also a good idea to splash some water on your face if you use cleansers that don't require water or else the product stays on your face and that's not a good thing.


Quick, easy and convenient but not the best as your only daily cleansing regime. It's great for being on the move and i usually have it in my handbag when i travel.


I struggled for years to find a moisturiser that wouldn't irritate my skin and now i use SIMPLE. It's a brand that specialises in skincare for sensitive skin. FYI - Beauty experts suggest that you always moisturise no matter what skin type you have. So if you assume that you don't need to use a moisturiser because you have oily skin, please do! Not using moisturiser will prompt your skin to panic and start producing even more oil. There are lots of oil control moisturisers on the market, i suggest you try those out.
I'll do another post on make-up at a later stage.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Something for the weekend

Just a few things from last week....

Love Zoe Kravitz's lacey summer dress. It's youthful and flirty.

Whats up with this new so-called 'pegged jean' trend?! I don't think they are flattering to anyone.

Just saw Keri Hilson's new promo pictures for her upcoming album and I had to comment on the eye make-up. I have tried and failed several times to create that eyeliner look. I'm beginning to think it can only be achieved by having someone else do it for you. Any tips?

Perfect lazy (but not sloppy!) outfit. It only takes a combination of flattering basics and one or two of-the-moment accessories. In Rihanna's case classic jeans, white vest and those oh-so cool over-sized Metallic sunglasses. The fringed scarf is also set to be hot next season.

Lil Mama in an age appropriate outfit for once! Don't really like this dress on her but at least she doesn't have a pacifier this time around!

Get Keira's look for 20 pounds @ Peacocks. Their imitation probably won't last more than 2 or 3 washes but you probably wont like it anymore in a year :-)

Just discovered this great artist called Priscilla Ahn. I'm not quite sure how long she has been on the scene for but I'm loving what i hear. Check out her video for her single, 'Dream'

I also can't seem to get 'Heaven sent' by Keyshia Cole out of my head.

Hope you all had a great weekend!