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Monday, January 7, 2008

Red Devil

I'm usually not a fan of bright reds...too obvious and daring for me. However, a few handbags have caught my attention recently and I must say i've been converted to team red! I love the limited edition Dooney and Burke 'Hayden Panettiere' Designer handbag. Its red patent leather and went on sale in December at a $500 price tag.

My second pick is this lovely and rather pricey Miu Miu leather bag in red with a shoulder strap. It retails at a whooping $1270! Well I guess if you want an IT bag you gotta be willing to break the bank :-)

Pictures: Miu Miu and

1 comment:

Tiger Tem said...

I LOVE a great red bag. One of the first day bags i did for Tiger Tem was a bright red croc bag. Which sold out every time I did a new set.

The red bag is so simple, so chic, so effortless, so timeless, so get my point.

Not a Dooney fan, nor a Hayden that one did nothing for me. Love Miu miu, prefer this one

its about half way down the page. LOVE IT!