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Friday, February 29, 2008

Drinks after work anyone?

Talk about a stressful week! Been preparing all week for an interview at a top retail fashion house...everything down to my ultra sleek suit. Only to get there and feel like ugly betty walking into mode! I was horrified! My sleek suit suddenly became utterly boring and out of place. lol, they were all dressed to the nines...seriously ubber trendy, louboutins and all. How do they do it? Rushing to meet suppliers, monitoring stores on opposite ends of town and running for the tube! Thats the last time i play it safe.
click photos to enlarge
Ever been stuck at work and had to go straight to dinner but knew you'd have no time to go home and change? Or maybe a meeting with friends turns into a night on the town? No problem! I've got just what you need to turn your outfit from daytime to sexy nightime. Its all about multi-tasking.
A great place to start is with a plain black dress if you are not sure but otherwise, be as creative as you want.The foundation for this look is a black pleat shift dress from Warehouse. For daytime, pair it with a shirt underneath. I love this oragami stripe shirt from Topshop, it keeps it smart but interesting. The snakeskin pump adds a pop of colour to this ensemble and the Marc Jacobs shoulder bag is apprioprate for the things you need to carry around during the day.

Cut to night! Lose the shirt and swap your day bag for this Kooba clutch which you've cleverly thrown in your larger day bag. Add this fab pair of vintage multi-bead drop earrings from ASOS, a blingin' cocktail ring and that all important trendy waist belt to give the dress a little detail (I'll stick to brown so it doesn't detract from the shoes and earrings)
Now all you need is a some shiny lipgloss, top up the eyeliner and mascara and loosen up the hair a little.

There you have it. A quick day-to-night solution.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Celeb Style Capsule: Keira Knightley

click photo to enlarge

Keira's Style
Her style is characterised by floor length gowns for the red carpet and masterful laying off the carpet. I like the way she accessories her outfits. Key pieces from her look include waist-cinching belts, cowboy boots, trilby hats, flat sandals and big hobo bags.

As i mentioned before, I frequently take inspiration from her style but definately not a fan of the anoxeric look. I chose mostly the slightly healthy looking pics for this collage.

Pictures: different sources. Not mine!

MeMe - Tiger's version

10 Random things about me
1. Whenever i wash my hands, i always pour water over the tap before i can close it. Does any one else do that?

2. My biggest phobias are the fear of being on a plane, being buried alive and public toilets!

3. I think i would go into a coma if i was told that i could never listen to music ever again.

4. I have achieved not sleeping for 42 hours straight! It wasn't pretty, a lot of twitching was involved.

5. As unbelievable as it may sound, i actually hate shopping! I find it tiring and someone always manages to step on my foot (ugh!), Online shopping is the way to go but unfortunately you can't touch or try on anything.

6. I don't drink alcohol, never been drunk/tipsy and i never tried a cancer stick!
7. I'm a bit of a control freak which is probably one of the reasons i choose not to drink. I love it. I am always the annoying one who knows exactly what went down the night before and can tell everyone what stupid things they did, lol!
8. I can be annoyingly indecisive and a worry way too much
9. I lurvvvvvvvvvvve musicals :-)
10. For some strange reason i have every single ticket from movies i've seen at the cinema for the past 6 years. I dont know why. I've kinda stopped now but i cant bring myself to throw them away.
There it is. I'll do Uzo's version later

Monday, February 25, 2008

Bagaholic Fix of the Week

Vitello Twist Tote
Miu Miu leather, top handles with rings;
buckled shoulder strap,
gathered front flap pocket;
push-lock closure;
zip bottom;
It currently retails for $1295....wont be buying it , lol!

Marc Jacobs Mercer Knot Peep Tote

The love of my life Marc Jacobs! Love the colour and simplicity.
Soft leather tote with double shoulder straps;
Goldtone hardware accents;
Goldtone signature push lock and knotting details;
Front exterior zip pocket;
Top hidden magnetic snap closure;
Interior pocket;
Retails at $1150.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Accessories For Spring: #3 Candy Coloured bags

Everything is about bright colours this season and that also includes Handbags. This is good news for me now that i am going back to my black on black formula...apparently my attempts to change this has resulted in an explosion of purple in my wardrobe. I wasn't even aware of it until I ridiculed a work mate for wearing too much yellow to which they retorted by pointing out my purple fetish! 'Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones' suddenly had a meaning to me, lol!

Back to the subject. I have chosen some pieces to inspire you:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Quinn Bag
I'm starting with my one of my favourite designers, Marc Jacobs. This soft leather bag in lemon yellow is super cute, simple, stylish and its from the Marc by Marc range which is more affordable (I say affordable but that's like my whole pay for a week and a half!)

This one by Salvatore Ferragamo is a bit too mature for me but i can still admire it from afar :-)

Zagliani Metallic python clutch

The Eve Lambskin clutch is my favourite. Classic shape in a size subtle enough to complement any outfit. The Lauren Merkin collection consists of around ten shapes and boasts a wide range of fabrics and leathers in classic, fun or daring finishes. Me likey!

Another one by Marc, the 'Quilted Mary'. He's still incorporating the link chains, golden brass hardware and quilted grained leather (all key features of the hit 'Stam' bag). Great colour as well!

Are you a fan of the colour revolution?

Saturday, February 23, 2008 very talented Nigerian

While i was back home over xmas in Nigeria, I discovered Asa's music and i must say that i'm really impressed. I think most Nigerian's are already familiar with her but for those who don't know, Asa is Nigerian and was born in France but raised in Lagos from age 2. Her sound is a mix of soul and reggae and among her influences while growing up are artists including Marvin Gaye, Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Aretha Franklin, Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey and Lagbaja and I definately get a strong sense of that when i listen to her album. She is like the female version of Bob Marley...probably why i love it so much! Every song has a deep and meaningful message behind it and I love the tone of her voice...its definately unique.

She basically sings about what she knows - the things around her, Nigeria's political and social issues and her life. Asa, in her own opinion, is not a commercial product and not a sex kitten. I think its definately wise to let the music and talent speak for itself and she's definately proved that you can be successful without all the gimmicks.

She's getting a lot of press in the UK at the moment. I was so shocked and happy when an advert for her album appeared on TV and the next day I saw an article about her in the newspaper and on the Jools Holland Show (For those who dont know, the guy is a musical legend in these parts and once you are invited on his show, you are definately credible!). I'm planning to attend her show in London in a couple of months and i know its going to be amazing from the live sets I've seen on youtube.

If you like Indie Arie, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Rafael Saadiq, Sade or maxwell then you will probably like her material. She's got lots of dates around Europe till August so check out her website and myspace for tour dates and tv appearences. Links below:

I'm going to tell every single person i know and hopefully she'll get in the charts when her single is released over here! Fingers crossed.

Love by John Mayer

Hello everyone! Hope the weekend is going well for you. I apologize for the lack of regular posting, my schedule is kinda tight at the moment.

I just stumbled on this video of John Mayer talking to his audience b/tw songs at one of his concerts. The guy always has something to say!

I am a big fan (more over the past three years). Its not just the great sound and the contemporary mix of rockpop and blues, he has this great ability to put to words something i've felt or thought about but could never put to words. My friend who is a much bigger fan than me also agrees.

Anyway, I just found this video to be very interesting and i'm sure some of you can not quite there yet but i get it.

Happy viewing!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fashion Trend Alert 2008: #1 Ultra-bright Hues

Ralph Lauren Spring 2008
This is definately not one for shrinking violets. This season's fashion shows have seen an explosion colour, from bright reds to electric blue and eye popping neon shades of yellow, green, orange and pink. Check out Ralph Lauren, Diane Von Furstenburg and Lanvin's spring 2008 collections.
These fashionistas have all worked out how to wear this trend the right way. I love the way Joy Bryant carries off her bright orange dress by combining it with neutrals and Lauren Conrad breaks the color with a gold skinny belt. Minka and Angie's outfits are both really comfortably paired with jeans but look very sharp also.
Hmm...big fan of my girl Alicia, love the bright red dress and the retro look but i'm really not feeling the matching red shoes!

I want Janet's jacket now! Guaranteed to catch everyone's attention...if thats what you're after :-)

photos: Bossip, fabsugar, instyle

New Accessories For Spring: #2 The Skinny Belt

Badgley Mischka Spring 2008

This spring/summer is all about the skinny belt worn high on the waist. They look get with cardigans, draped over dresses and worn with shirts as well. The wider ones are still in though so dont go throwing those out just yet...besides they hold in a lot more if you know what i mean, lol!
Embellished Crystal Snakeskin Belts

Bow Buckle Patent Leather...very cute and girlie.

Metallic Brights!

Patent Leather

Photos: Badgley Mischka, Nordstrom

Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Accessories For Spring: #1 Embellished Headbands

I thought I'd start with the headbands since i was harping on about it in my last post. There are so many variations in the shops right now to suit everyone's tastes but if you want to make an effort and go for super glam, then the embellished headband is just what you need.
These gorgeous hair accessories are super cute and girlie, i just love them. Finish off an up-do with it or use it to make a casual outfit more feminine.
A selection from Nordstrom

I like the leopard print styles and as long as you keep the color pallete of your outfit simple, it should work well. Leopard print seems to work really well on lots of accessories, the designers can't get enough of it!

Miu Miu Jewel Embellished Headband

This black satin headband with multi coloured jewel embellishment by Miu Miu is very classy. It retails at £113! Can you believe it? Something that tiny should not amount to that much, lol! But nevermind, there are plenty of high street stores that have pretty much the same type of thing that will cost you like £5 so crises averted, unless you are a total designer label whore.

photos: Nordstrom, Miu Miu

Missing The Hills

My name is Oyinkan and i'm an addict...of 'The hills'! Lol gotcha! Yes o! I never paid any attention to these MTV reality tv shows but ever since i watched an episode of 'The hills' just out of nothing better to do, i became obsessed. The fashion, the parties, the teen vogue office and of course drama drama drama. Unfortunately, i am having serious withdrawals cos its been off the air for too long (ok when i say too long thats like 2months). Its supposedely back on sometime in spring it gosh it can't come soon enough.

There's speculation out there that the show is staged and some episodes definately seem that way but pahlease i dont care! I think i really enjoy it because their lives are so unlike mine and its a form of escapism for me so the more staged it becomes the better :-)Its like a freakin' soap opera.

So in anticipation of the next season i'm going through the things I like most about the show. Here goes:

Lauren' Conrad's Headbands/Scarves

These are so in fashion at the moment but Lauren's been rocking the headband since laguna beach. I've just got myself two and i think every girl should have one in her accessories box. A plain one and something more fun and colorful (mine's leopard print). For more versatility scarves are great. Use it as a headband, a belt, a Handbag accessory or around your neck...EASY!
Spencer Pratt!

Yep! Spencer the lunatic fiancee of annoying Heidi Montag. Its more of a love-to=hate him thing but let's be honest he's hilarious. I bet his parents thought he was the kid from the omen when they had him. The boy thinks he's a thug and his hatred for Lauren is like nothing i've ever seen.

He ended his long time friendship with Brody his best friend just because he wouldn't stop hanging with Lauren. This is how the conversation went down...
Brody: Dude i've called you like five times, what you're not returning my phonecalls?
Spencer: I really have nothing to say to you
Brody: You're mad at me? What are you mad at me for?
Spencer: I've been hearing about who your new little best friend is and i dont respect that
B: Dude if you are mad at me for hanging out with lauren, that is ridiculous! How long have we been friends...i'm not going to have an enemy just cos you hate her. Its just not who i am
S: You can make excuses. I care about loyalty and you have none of it
B: Dude i dont have a problem with you. I love you and we've been best friends since kids and i dont have a problem with Lauren so i'm not going to hate her just cos you do
S: You are rolling around with my enemy so that makes you my enemy, can you not see how it works?
B: I feel like im in high school!
S: I got nothin' to say to you [click]
B: Lil' Bitch!
Lol! That about sums up what spencer really is. He even started a fight with Heidi's collegue in public and threatened to beat him up after which he started accusing the poor guy of assulting him. This was all because the guy adviced her on the office dress code. Erm...i don't think you are suppose to turn up at work with full on cleavage!

The cat fights and break-ups

Gosh! They fight about everything and nothing and someone is always crying or being betrayed. The number one reason...Boys! Doh as usual thats what women always fight about, its so cliche. Their boyfriend choices are quite foolish but hey you have to go through the bad ones to get to prince charming or so i've heard.

Clothes Clothes Clothes
Half of this show is all about the outfits and the girls are always dressed to the nines.

Lauren Bosworth aka Lo
Lauren Conrad's best friend through high school and Laguna Beach. I heard she is now going to be permanently on the show now because she is moving in with LC. She's always been the smart one but really funny. I suspect she wasnt featured a lot because she has very strict parents and is a little more conservative than the others.
Teen Vogue Office
Lauren and Whitney are both interns at teen vogue magazine. That would be my dream job, being surrounded by clothes all day long! Its been rumoured that they have left for new horizons as they are like 23 and getting too old for teen vogue.

My favourite teen vogue moment was when Marc Jacobs turned up backstage to introduce himself to Lauren. If that was me, i think i would have just embarrassed myself and stood there looking like an idiot but Lauren actually remained cool despite the fact that she is obssessed with the designer.

Next up are 8 episodes of LC and Whitney's adventures in the romantic city of Paris. The preview looks like some kinda fairytale where lauren meets a sexy french guy and he takes her on a tour of the city at night on his motorbike.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Hiya! So sorry for the recent lack of blogging. I've just started a new job so im completely out of it by the end of the day. I promise i will give my readers something juicy for the weekend, lol! In the meantime, here's a video made by famous supporters of Barack Obama. I don't know how much this will help his campaign but I sure hope it does. The guy is such an inspiration and i'm not just saying that because im black! Anyway, I have nothing to do with it because i'm not American but i'm really pulling for him.

What do you think of the video?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Exploring Carnaby Street

Hello me dears! Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was extremely...COLD! but really great. I took a trip down to london to spend some quality time with my sis and decided we need to explore more of London, that is other than oxford street, Liecester square and Piccadilly circus which seem to be our usual hang out. So where did we end up going? Carnaby Street! He he he, ok ok so its like 5 mins from Oxford Street, not very adventurous but i'm taking baby steps.

I had vowed to NEVER to go to Carnaby. Let me explain. I had this class called 'Spaces of Retail & Consumption' and the lecturer kept drumming on and on about how wonderful it was and how it revolutionised the concept of 'the street' as a space of retail consumption. Urg! It was so hard to stay awake during those lectures and had an agonising three hour exam writing an essay on this. By some miracle i didnt fall asleep and i did really well. Ok im starting to digressing now

There was a men's public toilet under that sign post and whenever someone came out they had this look of absolute horror...its a public toilet! What did they expect.

Carnaby consists of twelve pedestrianised streets with 168 fashion and lifesyle retailers, including a large number of independent fashion boutiques. It became popular in the swinging sixties as being a frequent hangout for the 'Mod style' followers (love for music, tailor-made clothes, dancing and right!) and designer Mary Quant's (most famous for the mini skirt) boutique was located in the street. It also had underground music bars with bands like The beatles, Small Faces and Rolling Stones working, shopping and socialising in the area. Basically the place was cool!

Anna Lou of London

Black Acrylic cuff with vintage style Embellishment and Black diamante bow brooch

Now? Not so much. I think the magic is long gone y'all. It was a little boring. Maybe it was all the hype i heard for years that left me dissapointed. Some of the vintage stores were interesting but seemed extremely low on stock, its a little better on accessories with boutiques like Anna Lou of London, Claire Aristides Jewellery and there's a sweet beadcraft shop as well. There is also a really cool T-shirt shop called 'super superficial' in one of the mini malls in the area. All the T-shirts are unique and original and created by a collection of talented artists. Its great if you want something you won't see every Tom, Dick or Harry (or in this case Sarah, Jane and!) wearing. And for a change there was a really nice and polite Japanese sales guy...i appreciate people with manners.

Everything else is more 'been there, done that' or maybe we just gave up too soon but the the atmosphere was definately not all that. We busted the place and ended up going to Leicester Square for some vegetarian chinese...he he he, it was actually fantastic and i like tofu anyway. This was not before i was completely insulted by this bloodly sales guy who was trying to sell some photo studio time to us. My sister was smart enough to walk fast and not even look back meanwhile i was stupidly trying to be nice and politely say i am not interested as i walked past. This idiot then runs and jumps in front of me, shouts at me for being rude and walking away when he's trying to talk to me. Dude! are you mad! I was so shocked that this Loser was all up in my face. Luckily my sis just came back and dragged me out of the situation. I am still pretty pissed off expecially because I didnt totally blast the guy and kick his ass (according to my sis, he would probably have kicked me right back). Seriously, these people should be banned from the streets. Unfortunately i don't have his name or the name of the company so i can't snitch to his boss.

Let me know what you thought if you've ever been.

Enjoy the week!!