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Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Years Resolutions ...Finally

Lol! So I finally figured out what im going to be doing differently in my life this year.

Apart from being even more stylish :-) I've decided that I definately need to be more positive and optimistic because the opposite is a complete waste of time and besides people always gravitate towards those who beem positive energy.

Another resolution of mine is to really say what i mean. Im referring to those moments when someone really pisses me off and instead of really saying "get out of my face freak, you're making me angry" I usually say...nothing! Or when some idiot bumps into me and sprays their coffee all over my dry clean only coat, instead of automatically saying "sorry" I will now say "watch it idiot" and demand an apology and money for my dry cleaning".

Im also going to stop caring what people think about me and basing all my decisions on other people (easier said than done but im giving it a go). Finally, im going to declutter my friends...thats right im striking people off! This seems harsh but I've come to the realisation that some people just dont contribute positively to my life. Why should i make time for people who can't make time for me? I know thats gonna be a hard one and letting go of some friendships are not easy but after a while when you're the only one trying and making an effort you really have to question just how important you are to certain individuals who are suppose to be your friends.

Some less emotional but still important things i still need to do include organising my itunes library and sort out a case for my ipod!


Tiger Tem said...

Sounds good. I think the world is an easier place when you say what you think (just do it with a smile and people never notice when you're being rude!).

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eHummer said...

wow, i cant wait to see the all new u! even tho im struggling to see u actually bark at someone ...:)