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Sunday, January 20, 2008

When Robin Was Thicke

I've been a fan of Robin Thicke ever since i heard 'When i get you alone' in 2002...I thought wow who is that? It was very unlike anything I'd heard at the time...very funky soul with an infusion of Beethoven's fith element ( I was hooked!). Back then he was just known as 'Thicke' and had long grungy hair and I searched high and low for his debut album which wasnt released in the Uk.

Anyway the album didnt get him the commercial sucess I think he definately deserved and if you are a recent fan you really need to go back and listen to that album, i really think that album represents a time when he produced the music he wanted to. Dont get me wrong I love his new material...was in the store the first day it came out but he is definately missing that old sparkle he had in his eye before he reached commercial success.

I think its so cute that his wife, actress Paula Patton, is always in his videos even from back in the day, she was even featured on the cover of his first album (erm...tastefully butt naked :-)) They are one cute couple...he better not get any funny ideas now that he's hanging with the likes of 50cents!

I await his next album with eagerness and maybe I'll finally get to see him in concert...cant believe i aint been to one yet after all these years but he is hardly ever in the UK and somehow they all coincided with uni coursework deadlines and as much as i love him, im not crazy enough to waste my folks hard earned money when i should be studying hard.

Oh well one day Robin i'm gonna get to you...its just a matter of time!



Uzo said...

Loved him from the very first moment as well....I got that first cd in the UK...HMV Imports...Cost close to 25 pounds but hey...

Oyinkan said...

That sucks! HMV is crazy...i tried to get carrie underwood's cd and swifty changed my mind when i saw the price.

Tiger Tem said...

itunes? I can normally find pretty much everything I want there.

I remember that first song. Great video! Yeah but they had to go chop his hair off and tidy him up a bit for the masses. I saw an interview he did and he seems pretty grounded so i think he'll be fine. I'm sure he can hang with the 50s of this world and relax knowing he already has what they're all looking for.

ed said...


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