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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mini Me!

Kerry Washington seems to have found her fashion staple 'the mini dress'. I'll give her some props, she's a great dresser and knows how to work the mini in a sexy and non-slutty em repeat offenders you know who you are! If you're going to wear a mini then cover up your top half and don't show off all your goodies at the same time! I think there are certain people who should just stay away from the mini, its not suited for everyone...know your body type and stick to your limits :-)
If I had to pick a favourite i would go for one of the first two outfits (The Prada and Diab'less). The are all hot!


Uzo said...

Minis also work so well for her because she is petite. Long siomple dresses work well for her...

I just saw her in a long one shouldered blue number and because of the volume of the dress, i wasnt too impressed

Tiger Tem said...
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Tiger Tem said...

Hmm, I like the blue one. Actually i want the blue one...its very 'me'. Not really feeling the sack that is the second dress. The white one is pretty but I'd never wear that. Maybe in black or dark red.

I agree with Uzo, minis work well on smaller women and longer dresses work best when they're fitted too.

For some reason I find voluminous dresses make petite women look fat and large women look gorgeous!!

Oyinkan said...

I guess im drawn to the second dress cos although im 6ft tall...i still got a bit of a tummy to cover! Ha ha ha