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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Its my hair and i can do what i want with it!!

Every black girl living among other races has probably had to tolerate stupid questions and comments about her weave. Such questions like: oh so its someone else's hair? Why can't you just wear your normal hair? Don't you think you are selling out? What am i even saying, some of these questions are not even limited to just non-blacks.

That sell-out question just makes me want to have a rage blackout. Its not like every woman who has a weave is trying to make some political statement or that it represents an inferior complex just because you like straight and long hair. The main culprits are in fact the men (Gosh i wish i could just wake up, run cheap soap on my head and leave the house...oh and only go to the barber once in a blue moon). As far as i'm concerned, a guy should never talk to a woman about anything concerning have noooooooo clue!

So before anyone else asks me any of these irritating questions again let me set you straight. I'm not ashamed of my hair or trying to strip myself of my african roots. Its simply easier. Depending on the climate, it actually protects the hair. It's less high maintenance, those of us who aren't follically blessed need the extra length and it let's me change up my style whenever i want.

I have a right to present myself however i like so before anyone comes at me with their afrocentric bull, just BACK OFF!!!


Uzo said...

LOL...Major rant....But i hear you and agree 100%

SET said...

I AGREE, I HAVE NOT HAD A WEAVE SINCE MAY 2006, I USED MY OWN HAIR (HIGH MAINTENANCE)MY HAIR GOT SO FRAGILE EVEN THO I WAS PUTTING ALL THE CARE AND TIME. I STOPPED RELAXING FOR A YEAR NOW. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLe think one is insecure and needs weave to look and feel better. i feel my best when wash my hair n am home in sweats and no makeup on.

Tiger Tem said...

Oh my...someone obviously said the wrong thing to you.

I'd also like to point out that NOBODY on TV, in magazines, billboard campaigns has real hair anymore. Seriously, white, black, pink, blue, purple people. Its fake boys. Name a celeb...fake hair. The Russians, Chinese and Brazilians are running a tight trade in tresses.

In fact, I reckon there are FAR fewer people around with real hair these days (well, in so called glam spots anyway).

Oyinkan said...

@Tiger Thats true. Jennifer lopez, victoria beckham (the queen of extensions!), Mariah Carey...who has even seen Beyonce's real hair.