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Monday, March 10, 2008

Changing room diaries

Hey!! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was so so. I did however have a little bit of fun shopping for work items. Thought i'd switch it up a little and have this new addition to the blog...hopefully i'll be able to keep it as a regular feature.
I generally stick to stores that cater to tall sizes when i need clothes for work because obviously those kinda clothes only work when they are cut well and fitted to your proportions, so as broke as i am, exceptions need to be made.
I thought this was just ok, a little boring and a case of peek-a-boo syndrome with the shirt, lol! Love the waistcoat. It has a little weird thing going on with the buttons as the holes are all sewn up. I think it looks great but i may have to take a pair of scissors to the holes for more versatility.

This shirt of definitely more like it! Less boring and of course incorporating the ruffles trend. It also comes with a waist tie belt as well if worn alone...that all important versatility :-)

I like the shirt + vest combo tops. It's so much easier this way. Okay i like it but i chose the next one because of the tiny floral print and chiffon.

Ahem! This is when i got distracted and started trying on other outfits. Self control won in the end though, Thank God.
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! So not feeling this dress and even layering with my cardie didnt do the trick. It's just too busy for my tastes.

This one was cute n' all and i like the bow detail on the sides (don't know if u can see it!). But, i wasn't going to be distracted from my mission. Think i did good :-)


SET said...

I like the shirts and tees. the floral dress? not sure maybe without the cardi it may have looked better. the cardigan is hot love it.

Uzo said...

The floral dress definitely a no no. The ruffled shirt is too cute. Not bad...Love this new feature

Oyinkan said...

@set. It looks even worse without the cardigan! lol!

eHummer said...

love the shirts! u should also try some colours other than black and white, u said spring season would be colourful....
the second dress with the bow details is really cute.

Oyinkan said...

@ehummer. lol! I'll call u one of these days. Work been hectic, Wine tax and all that!

Tiger Tem said...

great idea to incorporate into your blog!