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Monday, March 31, 2008

Harem Pants...would you?

Harem Trousers, Topshop

I know what you're thinking..."You can't touch this!", lol! I haven't really decided on this trend yet. When I first noticed them, i honestly thought ewwww, but I'm beginning to toy with the idea of actually wearing them (i'll probably change my mind in a minute).

Rihanna at the Teen Choice Awards 2008

Not even gonna comment on Riri's top but i kinda like the way the way the pants look in this outfit.

Harem all-in-one, ASOS

Hmm....interesting! Reminds me a little of ABBA

Okay this one has a little bit less of the slouchy crotch, may be a little more wearable. What do you think? Does it scream hot fashionista or is it more fashion victim?


shop liquorice said...

for me it's more a question of 'why would i?'. lol. haven't seen worn in a way that's appealing and i doubt that i will, so these are a definite, resounding no-no for me. in fact, i saw them worn in a way that was really and truly awful once. they were silver. my eyes threw a huge fit, lol. let us know what you think if you do try them out!

Oyinkan said...

Lol! did you almost go blind? I've never seen them on anyone yet but im sure if i end up in central london i would. I'm not one who likes a lot of attention so i probably will never get them.

Tiger Tem said...

Soooo not flattering. On anyone. But that never stopped the masses following a trend.

eHummer said...

not sure, maybe if i tried on the right one...rihanna's pair looked nice, it could go with a nice spag. but i definitely dont like the dropping crotch ones !

mzvirgo said...

Those pants are reminiscent of MC Hammer. And I don't like that saggy middle either.

Oyinkan said...

The more i look at them, the more my eyes repel them. But i will try one on just for fun if i happen to see it while im shopping :-)

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter how you wear them. They should have stayed on MC Hammer back in the 80s. They're god-awful and should be burned. I saw them in the shop the other day and laughed. I couldn't believe they actually had the guts to put those on the rack. Maybe they look "cool" on a model standing still, or walking down the runway ... as in, as cool as a piece of abstract art that no one quite understands. Clothing is meant to be functional and physically complimentary; Harem pants are neither. Isn't it funny that if you trade the 'm' and the 'r' in Harem, you get Hamer? Back AWAY from the Hammer pants.