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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Channel Your Inner Rock Chick

Ashlee Simpson is really coming into her own now in the style stakes. She combines edgy and sexy to create her rock star look. I think anyone can take elements from this look and you don't have to like rock music either!


Step 1
Smoky eyes are the signature look of the rock chick. It is 'make-up with attitude' but sultry and sexy. It gets a bit messy so its better to do the eyes first before applying foundation. Apply matte eye shadow (grey or black depending on skin tone) across your eyelids and in the centre of your lower lash line. Blend for a sultry and sexy look, I find it easier using my fingers.

Step 2
Use a soft dark eye pencil and draw a line along the lower lashes and add a little more to the outer edges. Draw a thicker line along the upper lashes and smudge with your finger and add a pale shadow on top of the black eyeliner to set the make-up.

Step 3
Apply shimmery eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes below the lash line, and onto the eyelids. I use a glossy sparkly silver as it usually stays in place. Use a lengthening, volumising mascara in black. Apply with the tip of the wand where there is an excess build up of mascara and apply loads of layers for a dramatic look. Clean up under the eyes with cotton buds and apply foundation.

Step 4
Finish off with a nude lipgloss to keep all the attention on the eyes.
Don't forget the nail polish! It doesn't have to be black, it could be any other dark colour, I love browny red base tones.

Key Staples
  • Skinny Jeans
  • leather Jacket
  • Converse All-stars
  • Edgy Jewellery
  • Printed T-Shirts

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