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Friday, March 7, 2008

Fashion Trend Alert Spring 2008: #2 Fancy Florals

Elie Saab Spring 2008 Collection
Well it's more a combination of florals and frills...extra feminine and pretty. From small and busy to big and bold, I reckon there's something to suit every taste. I think i'm really going to embrace this one and be a bit more girly this summer (I know its a spring trend but its too cold to for these delicate fabrics). It will probably carry on through to fall season as well.

If you're not too keen, go for a faded floral blouse with jeans or plain trousers. If you're really up for this trend like me go for a dress.

I fell in love with this Diane Von Furstenburg Dress. It's Hot!


There are lots of options on the high street. The ones modelled by Penelope Cruz are from Mango (not sure if its from the actual Penelope & Monica Cruz collection but it was just labelled under 'Penelope')

I like the top. Pretty pretty!

The next two are from Prices not bad compared to the others and its pretty similar to what they have at the other mid-low price retailers on the high street.

I've heard some experts saying we should mix prints and layer them. Er! Not taking that advice. What do you think? Is anyone looking forward to rocking this trend or are you staying well away?


eHummer said...

i LOVE this new trend , wish naija was up to date with fashion trends though:( . I must commend this blog, it was soo interestin i read and re read every line

u rock

Oyinkan said...

aww thank you dear. Still waiting for urs.

naijafashionfreak said...

i have a new found obsession for cotton floral tea dresses...and chiffon floral maxi dressess...all those flowers just go with the softness of the fabrics..they make me feel free!!!!..lovin ur blog....

Tiger Tem said...

Love penelope's looks. I haven't checked them out at Mango but I will. That floral dress is hot. Want it.

Uzo said...

The yellow dress from Tibi is cute...I also like Penelope's looks and the dresses from Asos....I could do a long floral dress but i think too much would be an overkill...