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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Long and Layered

My new favourite thing is buying accessories: long and quirky necklaces, cocktail rings and cute hair clips. I think really great pieces of jewelery can complete an outfit perfectly. The presence of too much jewelery has always been a no no for me but lately I find myself loving layered necklaces. I'm suddenly recycling old and forgotten pieces - piling a bunch of those with recent buys. I like the results!

Here's some inspiration...


Leeann said...

I love this look, even though I'm always in such a hurry I often forget to even wear necklaces =( I especially love pearls, I would die of I had the Chanel one!

Tiger Tem said...

Love the layered necklace look. I tend to wear one at a time though....I'm a long term fan of pearls and I have the most fabulous superlong necklace that I wear a lot, just long, doubled, knotted or as a bracelet. Great post. I've been busy adjusting to my mac and swapping files over but ready to get back to business on the blog!

SET said...

I want one from chanel so bad, hmm very pricey so we will see, i need to save my moolah, lol. nice necklace makes me wanna shop for more, actually just got one long pearl one last week.

Diana Coronado said...

Tyra, she's a little overweight, but she looks good

ed said...


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