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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Autumn on the high street: Hot Buys

With the changes in weather comes the new fashion season. All the high-street retailers are launching their Autumn collections so I'm giving you a little preview of what's hot (well...what i think is hot-lol)

Topshop is in my opinion the most eclectic high street retailer in the UK. There is bound to be something in there for everyone - their flagship is more like a department store!

My favourite piece from their autumn range has got to be this 'frill wool belted coat' @£75. I just adore that rich purple (bang on trend) and the frills also makes this a solid purchase. I hate autumn/winter season, not just because of the cold, but because every great ensemble ends up being covered up with a coat - it totally sucks the fun out of dressing up. A coat like this will make winter a lot more bearable.


This retailer is one of my personal favourites and good value for money - unlike primark! With H&M you get cheap prices for clothes that don't have quality compromised. At primark (whose prices have been creeping up in case anyone hadn't noticed!) you buy a dress for £10, wash it three times and you're done. Add £3 more and go to H&M and you'll get at least a year's wear out of it.

These jeans are so cool and not bad at £29.99. I'm getting really sick of skinny jeans. They look nice and they make dressing-down so easy but they can be so uncomfortable and restricting. For those who aren't too keen on this 'boyfriend jean' trend, I just bought a pair of 70s inspired wide legged 'Bette' jeans from topshop. They are slightly high-waisted, fitted at the waist and have a tailored wide leg...much smarter looking. As always, the key to wearing wide legged bottoms is to wear fitted tops and jackets to contrast.

This skirt of from H&M's recycled wool collection and it's priced at £34.99. It's very contemporary and look great with waist belts, feminine blouses and bright tanks (I'm thinking purples and mustard colours). Something for the work wardrobe.

I hardly buy clothes from this store simply because I'm too long limbed for them. Seriously, they cater for a wide range of sizes but nothing is ever long enough.

That's why I love handbags. One size fits all. I really like this Chanel inspired, quilted black bag with chic gold straps - its screams chic city girl. I love it even more because it's 'inspired' not 'copied'. I'm really hoping it will still be in stock when I can afford it, it's £20 but I have other spending priorities right now that do not include buying clothes and accessories.


My new favourite trend....the two-in-one. I am so impressed with these two-in-one dresses from Wallis. They have a total of five 2-in-1 dresses in their Autumn collection. I makes getting up for work so much easier! No more re-adjusting.

This frill print option is £40 and is old-fashioned, skirt suit glamour with minimal effort. Very sexy too.
Prefer grey and checked? This is so elegant. Oooh, I can imagine power-lunching in this number...and in my dreams I would have a classic black croc Birkin on my arm too.

Good ol' M&S. They have been trying hard to break out of that granny image. I think they're range has vastly improved over the years.

I really like this stylish shift dress (£65). It's a modern classic and lace is everywhere for autumn. Keep the look elegant with a pair of simple heels.

Browsing through the next website, I couldn't help but notice their great collection of accessories!
Patent zip clutch bag (also in berry) £12 - I want it, I need it! It's simply divine!

Black Square ring £3.50
Black Plastic Bangle £8
Purple Opaque Sheen tights £5
That's it for today. More to come shortly.


♥ fashion chalet said...

Me too, born in 82, but still adore those films way more than the ones now. And great picks, I love all of those clothing/accessory choices. Would buy them all, if I could. <3

Savvy Mode SG said...

all very savvy!


Drops of Glamour you featured some truly gorge pieces dear! The are all so wearable at prices that wont break the bank.I heart the wide leg pants! Mmmh..Do they do it in a 36/37inch inside leg? ;o)
As for forming the club of fabulously tall women with Carrie and yourself...I'm so on that already darling ;+)

Tiger Tem said...

LOVE that topshop coat. And you've picked a really good selection of pieces from all the other high street shops too. said...

i wish i had a credit card!

Kira Fashion said...


LOve them all, this pants are really cool and of course H&M and Top Shop are the best departament stores from Britain :)

About your question...the dress i am wearing there hasn´t no label. It was a gift from an aunt...and hasn´t where it is from...but i guess it is from MOB.
Abou the shoes is from Arezzo, the best label shoes from Brazil :)

a kiss!!