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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Real People. Real Style #2

Hi guys! How the week is turning out to be a great one for all of you.

It's the second episode of my new feature 'Real People. Real Style' and there is absolutely no shortage of stylish fashionistas out there. So here goes:

Flairtoremember - She describes her style as "Glam rocking & rolling 50’s housewife with a 70’s free spirit". She's so fashionable that I had to just close my eyes to pick photos...i just couldn't decide. Click here to go to her blog

Powderblue - definitely my favourite and a little similar to my own style. As with mine, I can't really box it into any category but I'd say its mostly contemporary. Ooh and look! Layered Necklaces too - fabulous.

Cigarettes - This fashionista loves thrifting, street style, clothes, shoes, all things frilly. She's quite into dresses and here style is very pretty and ladylike. Definitely check out her blog for daily inspirations, her current obsessions, photographs, thrift finds, daily outfits etc.

I also took a few pictures from:

Okey dokey...I'll leave you to breathe in all this inspiration (well i hope you get something out of it anyway)


Diana Coronado said...

♥ the second dress of the first line

Cutee !!

powderblue said...

Thanks for the post! :) said...

LOVE it. love it.
fabolous- with an 'O'

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous selections! Love all these floral dresses!



All these ladies are fab!great style inspiration.Darling you have been tagged!see my blog for details and rules. x

jessica ann said...


glory said...

i like the style of this girls...this is the first time that i visit you blog and i love it, ì will be a rgular reader...saludos from mexico

Savvy Mode SG said...

all the looks are fab! there are lots of stylish gals out there.