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Friday, August 8, 2008

Something for the Weekend

Rihanna and Chris Brown make a very cute and stylish couple. I love that vest from Elizabeth and James by Mary-kate and Ashley that she has on.
Rachel Bilson. An Ikat fan.
IKAT CRAZY! I'm really ready to get something in IKAT (resist dyeing) print. I think it possibly has something to do with designers over using African print fabrics (Ankara etc) -- It used to be special since its native to me and others where i come from.
History of Ikat according to Wikipedia: " There are known links between ikat production in India and South-East Asia. Patola cloth, a double ikat from Gujarat, western India, used to be exported to Indonesia for the use of the royal families. The patterns in the Patola Ikats are strikingly similar to the double ikats produced in Bali, Indonesia. It probably developed in several different locations independently. Ikat was known to be produced in several pre-Columbian Central and South American cultures.

ASOS has a great range of Ikat dresses, skirts and tops at very affordable prices and I'm definitely getting one of these especially now that they have discounts, lol!

QUIRKY JEWELERY. Came across some really interesting pieces of jewelery online.

Coldwater Creek Alluring Baubles necklace $29.50 is simply enchanting. A combination of shell, wood and metal. Like it!

Juicy Couture Summer of Love necklace, $230. Okay it's a nice statement piece but i have no idea why it retails for 230 dollars! I'm not even sure if the chain is real gold...I'd buy something very similar at a more sensible price.

I think a necklace like this can really pull an outfit together.

EYES NEED SHADE. So after scratching my really cool five pound sunglasses rather badly, i think it's time for a new pair. I am NOT spending more than 10 pounds but I'm taking inspiration from some fabulous designer sunglasses. I love a challenge!

Tom Ford red ombré 'Lauren' oversized sunglasses @ bluefly: $198.00
I like the tint and colour on this one. Not quite sure it suits my face shape but i am certain i have seen the same thing really cheap at topshop.

Linda Farrow Horn-rimmed Sunglasses

Very Retro! I like unusual shapes and the opaque glass makes it unique too. I can't help but think of the Mr Bennett (HRG) character from Heroes, lol!

CELEBRITY DESIGNERS. So now Mischa Barton has a range of handbags and I have finally decided to give in and check out the collection. The collection is pretty much a reflection of her style (which i hate) and they are suppose to be vintage chic (some more granny-like!). It is just not my cup of tea but in the spirit of making people aware of what's out there, here are some pieces I think are okay.

Lyla Rope Handle Bag £50.00

This one is out of stock already on ASOS so people must like it. It's a nice bag and I like the metal logo that's been chosen for the brand.

I like the shape of the clutch but it's too antique looking (not the good antique). I don't mind the flap-over shoulder bag. It's a great casual bag, I'm think Jeans or a tea-dress.

NUDE SHOES. I love this Fendi dress Cameron Diaz is wearing but do you know what I love more? The nude shoes! The minute I find nude shoes in my gigantic shoe size, I'm going to buy them no questions asked.

That's all folks! Have a great weekend


Tiger Tem said...

Nice post, Cameron looks fabulous as always, not feeling rachel b's hat but to each his own. Mischa Barton. She just needs to retire early. She's turned herself into one of those party girls i.e. famous for being out. B.o.r.i.n.g.

Savvy Mode SG said...

a gal can't go wrong with nude shoes. beige for summer and spring. taupe and grey for fall and winter.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Chris brown and rhianna are so chic I really love his retro nikes I want a pair just like them.

I also love the chunky necklaces
not sure about mischa's bag collection though...

WendyB said...

I just got some ikat pillows for my couch.