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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Something for the weekend

Just a few things from last week....

Love Zoe Kravitz's lacey summer dress. It's youthful and flirty.

Whats up with this new so-called 'pegged jean' trend?! I don't think they are flattering to anyone.

Just saw Keri Hilson's new promo pictures for her upcoming album and I had to comment on the eye make-up. I have tried and failed several times to create that eyeliner look. I'm beginning to think it can only be achieved by having someone else do it for you. Any tips?

Perfect lazy (but not sloppy!) outfit. It only takes a combination of flattering basics and one or two of-the-moment accessories. In Rihanna's case classic jeans, white vest and those oh-so cool over-sized Metallic sunglasses. The fringed scarf is also set to be hot next season.

Lil Mama in an age appropriate outfit for once! Don't really like this dress on her but at least she doesn't have a pacifier this time around!

Get Keira's look for 20 pounds @ Peacocks. Their imitation probably won't last more than 2 or 3 washes but you probably wont like it anymore in a year :-)

Just discovered this great artist called Priscilla Ahn. I'm not quite sure how long she has been on the scene for but I'm loving what i hear. Check out her video for her single, 'Dream'

I also can't seem to get 'Heaven sent' by Keyshia Cole out of my head.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Tiger Tem said...

Nice post! Probably like Rihanna's outfit the most. Very me. And very easy to put together.

I did a post on keri Hilson's make up last week with tips from her makeup artist. But looking at this pic now, sorry but they've photoshopped the hell out of the woman. Didn't even recognise her!!!

Cheetarah said...

I think Keira op is Luella, and topshop have a pretty good version. Asper the eye makeup! Worry oo, I try doing it but it always smudges..Lil mama is an irritant and disgrace, always acting a fool but tru today she looks aiight! ok, have to bookmark u, ur fashionably right down my ally:)

isha said...

I like pegging my jeans :(. I'd been doing it before it became a fashion statement tho. More out of necessity, because my jeans are always too long for me. You know how hard it is to find a pair that fits the badunkadunk, and is short enough? Next to impossible. LOL.