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Monday, August 25, 2008

Cassie ft. Lil Wayne - Official Girl

After jamming to this song for the past couple of weeks, i was excited to see the video for it. I can't help noticing in the dance shots and where she wears she channeling Aaliyah?! It's probably not intentional but did anyone else notice or was it just me? I'm not comparing her takents to Aaliyah or anything...i mean Cassie doesn't have much vocal range at all and just gets by on catchy beats. I just think the stylist may have had Aaliyah on their minds when shooting this video.

Watch the video -


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I hear she's dating puff daddy, that's so strange.

Love the song though.

CoutureCarrie said...

Love your blog!!! said...

oh gosh this song has been on repeat since i saw it on ur blog!
love it.
yea her voice isnt the strongest, but its a HOT track.
and she was SO chanelling the great Aaliyah in the vid... compare the dance steps - and outfit, actually- in More than a Woman.

Tiger Tem said...

You know...I was liking this song till someone (Bossip) made the comment that it sounded like she was begging for a in begging Diddy for the title. And it seems more than just a little bit true! And that makes me think she's daft as hell. But I digress.

Yeah, she is channelling Aaliyah in a big way. But to be honest, Cassie works better for me in photos as a model.

Tiger Tem said...

And while I'm on the topic, surely the could have come up with a more interesting storyline for the video?!!!!!!


She is totally channeling Aaliyah in the choreography,fashion styling..everthing! Wish she had not as no one can do Aaliyah like Aaliyah like the cover of the cd though.shes a beautiful girl who needs to find her own marketing identity.
love your posts sweetie