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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

That girl!

The girl I'm referring to is your friend. You absolutely adore her but you're secretly jealous of her -- you are constantly conflicted because one minute, you hate her and the next you are biting some one's head off for insulting your friend! Yes guys...IT IS possible to have this range of emotions all at once, us females are a different kind of species.

I think every woman has had a friend they feel that way about. This girl is everything you are not but wish you could be. Her personal style is enviable and she could turn a fashion faux pas into a new trend...but if you tried it you would look like a freak! She is drop-dead gorgeous but incredibly witty and intelligent too. When she walks into a room, she oozes confidence and charm -everyone seems to gravitate towards her like she has this shining light around her.

She cuts her hair super short and we all jump on the band-wagon ( I certainly did!)

Hating her is extremely difficult because she just happens to be the nicest, sweetest, most decent person you know. Everyone is her best friend and she regularly keeps in touch with all 1000 and bazillion friends she has on facebook! All the guys love her because not only is she gorgeous, she can get all crazy about football and yell abuse at the screen when the game isn't going her way. Girls love her because she seems to genuinely care when they tell her their problems and she gives really great advice.

There's more than one reason why Blake Lively is the most popular gossip girl

Surely there must be a blemish somewhere? Wrong! At least non that you will ever catch a glimpse of. Her puppy pees all over her brand new designer outfit in public ala Blake Lively and you think to yourself "Yes, this is it. Not only does she have pee on her but she is going to lose her temper and show her ugly side". Instead, she laughs it off and says "Aww... you bad doggie". Huh? Bad Doggie! I woulda gone balistic and kicked that dog's butt!

The truth is that she is probably not as perfect as you think. She is human and has the same problems and insecurities as you...she just deals with it better than you do. So when you are done obsessing, trying to hate her or plot her downfall (some people do that!), maybe it would do you some good to emulate some of her characteristics. Try smiling a little more and folding your arms a little less -- you'll instantly become more approachable. When you walk into a room full of people just think "I'm fabulous" even if you don't believe it - it works! It's all about a positive attitude! Don't try to copy her style and go all 'single white/black female'! Do take some inspiration from her and find what makes you comfortable and use it to create and define your own style. under no circumstances must you assume that the guy who just smiled at you, was actually smiling at her.


SET said...

LOL, Rihanna is a perfect example of the It Girl, lol. how are u tho?

Kira Fashion said...

Rihanna is really cool, she is really fashion and i enjoy her daring looks and style!

a kiss!!!

xoliquoricexo said...

speak on it, sistahh gurlll! lol. totally feeling it!


Tiger Tem said...

Great post! We're all so extremely complicated aren't we?

Luna said...

Thanks for the kind comment on my blog! Yes, I made the header myself :) said...

i totally hate to love rihanna. i did theshort hair thing too!!
infact i'm planning to cut my actual hair to that style... so sad!!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I've had a couple of friends like that, but then you realize they are peolpe too with their own issues but it's hard when somebody has something that you long for.

riri looks great here
your right about sienna, totally karma.