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Sunday, April 13, 2008

You're a Bug-a-Boo

I have a huge headache. This particular headache doesn't have anything to do with watching too much TV (which i most definitely have this weekend) or bad sinuses. NO. This headache has been caused by a newly acquired pesticide, a nuisance, a BUG-A-BOO!!! Ugh!! I am so mad right now. This stuff always happens to me.
SCENARIO. I meet this guy randomly somewhere and he starts talking to me. Not one to be rude and seeing that he's a fellow African, i oblige in a little polite conversation but bearing in mind that it wont end the way i want it to. So conversation ends and the guy is like "lemmi get your number" I'm thinking "damn! Not again". I politely decline and after much begging and uncoolness from his part, i offer a compromise, give me your number and i MIGHT call. Great all done, crisis averted...or so i think.
You see, I live in a town near London but unfortunately not as big. You tend to always bump into the same people when there is only one main bus station, one main shopping centre, one main everything! I don't know what i did to deserve this kind of punishment but i keep seeing this dude everywhere. I consider myself a nice person which is why i kept stopping to say hello and surely this is what every civil human being does, right?
You would think that this person would get the message that I'm not really interested in anything but just a 'hello' in passing. I never called and yet he keeps bugging me whenever he sees me. "oh you don't call me, can i have your number now, when are we going to go out?"...Er mate, doesn't that tell you something.
Anyway sha, I went furniture shopping one day and guess who works there? So having never gone furniture shopping by myself, I'm totally clueless and the entire experience is something i never want to go through anytime soon. The dude is very helpful and also goes through the trouble of carrying the stuff to the cab for me but not before asking for my number again. There is simply no way i can refuse again after all this trouble so i give him my number. BTW, i couldn't give the wrong number because as i have now learnt, these kind of guys always call you immediately to see if the number is right (I guess they always get given bogus numbers)
Now, you know how that Destiny's Child song BUG-A-BOO goes. He calls the next day and its Sunday (a day not to be mean) so i pick up the phone and talk to the guy for a while and he starts saying "so when are we going to see each other then?" I'm like well i work all week and dont really get that much time at the weekends and I'm quite happy with just bumping into you and saying a quick hello. Surely this translates as i don't really wanna know you or want to be friends with you but to this guy, it means I'm going to call you every single minute of the day. The guy has been blowing up my phone constantly and no matter how many times i don't pick up, it doesn't matter.
This weekend was the final straw! I was having a very bad day yesterday so i decided to pick up his call this time and get rid of him for the last time. When he asked his trademark "when are we going to see?" , i got angry and was really rude. The conversation quickly ended and i thought "Yes finally, i got rid of him". Soon after, as always i started to feel really bad and guilty for being rude but still glad that now my phone could rest now.
Damn! Did i get a rude awakening today. In total, he has left 9 missed calls on my phone!! Please Lord!
Can someone help me! Tell me what to do.


shop liquorice said...

any new developments on the bug-a-boo tip? fingers crossed that he gets tired and leaves you alone. it usually works...or at least it has for me, lol. sigh. how supremely irritating...

eHummer said...

send a text, a polite but explicit text telling him u're really not interested in any way , firm but polite ... it always works - atleast for a year or two

Oyinkan said...

lol @ at least for a year or two. I blocked the number but he kept txting so i called intending to be polite but totally went balistic and told him not to dare call my number. so far, its working :-)

ed said...



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