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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Marc Jacobs VS Primark!

I've been admiring this vintage style Red cherry Marc by Marc Jacobs leather Satchel from afar...afar, because ofcourse it costs £315! Yes eh, its cheaper than the Marc Jacobs brand but not cheap enough for my fresh outta uni self. Product Info
"This Marc by Marc Jacobs fire engine red owl lady bag has strong vintage appeal but with a modern twist. The box shaped bag has a handle as well as an adjustable shoulder strap hosting magnetic gold hardware. Open the clasp and you'll find two large compartments, one with a handy zip feature"

So Im reading a magazine and this is what i'm seeing!!! Primark selling an imitation of this bag for £6! WTF, this is not right yo!

Primark's version at just £6

I'm all for primark and budget fashion but this is stealing big time! I always think their products look like a child made them which if you think about it, is most probably the case. They can twist this anyway they want but it is pretty much the same bag with just poor quality hand work and materials. Apparently you only need to change five details on any item to pass the copyright test (seems like they did just that, lol!). Poor Mr Jacobs, at least their version looks crap and i promise not to go anywhere near it :-)


Anonymous said...

i actually prefer primark's version, lol. i think it's 'cause it's patent. if it was better quality (and for that price, i could care less), i'd def get it.

Oyinkan said...

nooooooooooooooo! You can't! lol! But fair enough.

Tiger Tem said...

Interestingly enough I doubt the Primark version affects Marc Jacobs sales. I think all that seems to be happening is the gap between cheap cack and designer stuff is getting bigger to separate the haves from the have nots more clearly!

Snobbery in fashion will always be alive and kicking. And women with real cash, will always spend it on the real thing....and you know what...a lot without real cash (but a very real credit card) would rather get the real thing too.

Oyinkan said...

I agree on all points. I must admit that i have once sucumb to the fake designer bag. But as my style matures, i have come to the conclusion that if you cant afford something you love then buying a cheap version of it simply wont produce then same feeling. It's much better to spend what little money you have on something that wont be a fad or be seen on every street corner hanging on the arm of a chav!

cara said...

Am just gonna say that the market marc jacobs are looking for will certainly no be primarks market!!!NO ONE that shops in primark would be able to buy a marc jaobs back!Just think about that please....