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Monday, April 21, 2008

My night with the Lion King

Hello!! Hope y'all are having a good start to the week. I'm trying to keep in good spirits (its almost impossible) as Sunday was such a great day for me because i finally got tickets to see 'The Lion King' (the award winning stage musical) in London! As some of you already know, i am a big fan of musicals, put an all singing, all dancing performance in front of me and I'm happy.

The show was amazzzzzzzzzzzzing as expected. I thought it would be impossible to create the same setting as the original Disney animation. I assumed they would just get actors to wear big furry animal costumes and prance around. Nope! The creation of this theatrical world is done through a combination of puppets, masks and amazing costumes and don't even let me get started on the set. The music was incredible (very heavy on the african influence) ...i think the cast have some kind of super human abilities, they sing in tune while doing somersaults, high kicks and super - energectic dances! You know you're about to see a really great show when a 13foot long, 11foot high, 9 foot wide elephant comes through the theatre aisle to get to the stage for the 'circle of life' sequence.

Copyright 2007 Disney

If this is showing in a city near you, you really have to go and see this.

An idea of what you can expect.


shop liquorice said...

one of the most rousing performances you'll ever watch. saw it on broadway and i was MOVED.


Uzo said...

I loved this show when i saw it on Broadway...

A truly amazing experience