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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A quick note on Zoe

I just came across this picture while doing my rounds online and just had to share. I love Zoe Kravitz style but I've never got round to posting about her.

I love the way she accessorised this Matthew Williamson pink's just the shade of pink i can cope with. I think the sparkly multi-color jacket compliments the dress quite nicely the orange clutch adds the right contrast and the shoes are nice too.
With daddy and mummy's rock and style credentials, how could she not be so uber-cool!


Tiger Tem said...

Well thank God she's moved out of her boho-hobo phase. Looking mighty cute in that outfit.

(p.s. I've put the word out about jobs for you, I'll let you know what comes back to me)

diamondsinchampagne said...

You have a wonderful blog!

I do love the multi-coloured bolero, however not really liking the orange clutch (didn't really notice it though till i really looked closely)

Donkey said...

I like it, but agree with diamonds about the clutch. With the bolero, the clutch makes it one color too many.