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Friday, November 13, 2009

Curvaceous Beauty

This is my first real fashion post in ages! I've never really done a full post on fashion that caters to plus sized ladies or as TV stylist Gok Wan would say, Curvaceous Beauties!!

I've noticed more shops provide bigger sizes especially since the revolt against size zero models on the runway in 2006 but i still think that there aren't many shopping options for the fashionable plus-sized gal. Some of the clothes are actually unflattering and not very feminine and its like some idiot just decided that fuller-figured women shouldn't be able to participate in fashion trends. As someone who has issues buying clothes because i'm quite tall, i feel i should put in my two cents.

I'm not an expert but i've done some research......

Famous Beauties With Curves

  • A Low cut, single breasted jacket works best if you have a big bust
  • A jacket that fastens underneath the bust is preferably because one that buttons over the bust might appear too tight and could lead to the peek-a-boo effect (we dont't want that, lol!)
  • Go for styles that are slightly longer than the hip to elongate the body. Unless it's a cropped jacket, anything that hits right on the hip tends to draw attention if you are wider at the hips.

  • A narrower lapel makes you appear slimmer up top.


  • Stick with tops that have deep V-necks, sweetheart and scoop necklines (layer tops underneath very low necklines)
  • Wrap tops are good
  • Avoid high necks like the plague!
  • General Tip! If you are higher than a C-Cup try not to wear heavily padded bras especially with Shirts. A lady at T.M lewin told me this when i kept complaining about my buttons. I now wear non-padded bras with my shirts and I even went a shirt size smaller....lifesaver!)


  • Go for straight cut or boot cut styles
  • Dark, clean washes
  • Avoid tapered skinny jeans or anything too small or tight that creates a "sausage" effect
  • *If you must wear skinny jeans, make sure you wear a long-lined top that covers the widest part of your thighs. Also, remember to go for a darker wash.

  • Avoid cropped or boyfriend styles which will tend to make you look short and wide

1 comment:

isha said...

Lol, sausage effect! Why do I think I know where you stole that from. Those are very helpful tips tho. Now to find a place in Lag where I can put them into practice without draining all of my NYSC allowance.