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Thursday, February 19, 2009


I've been shopping around for a new scent and as fun as that sounds, it's so hard to choose from the millions of brands on the market. I've narrowed it down to these four:

Sarah Jessica Parker has created a signature look and fragrance that is ultra-feminine and timeless. tastefully hip. This, in my opinion is the best perfume ever created by a celebrity (I'm not a big fan of celeb fragrances). The perfume has been described as one which blends a scent of pure innocence with the exotic nature of a precious oil and the sophistication of a fine perfume. That is no lie. This one is a must-have if you love all things feminine, elegant and classic. I'm sad because I've got about 2 sprays left till it's finished.

Chemistry: Top notes sparkle with Fresh Mandarin, Bergamot and Radiant Rosewood rushing into Lush Lavender and Crisp Apple Martini. Middle Notes Blossom with Exotic Patchouli, the perfume of paper whites and creamy orchid. Bottom Notes Seduce and Linger with Sensuous Cedar, White Maber, Sultry Musk and Woods.

I reckon 'Elle' is the perfect name for this fragrance as it conjures up the right images of what it really is. I adore the design of the bottle - very chic. An audacious and feminine fragrance for a cosmopolitan girl - vibrantly feminine and ultra contemporary. It fuses woody and floral notes to create a perfume for a woman with no reservations.

Chemistry: A blend of Peony, Pink Berries and Patchouli

Euphoria By Calvin Klein was launched as a Fun, Enticing (I hate that word, lol!) Scent for Women. I love it for not being too over-powering and it's a really great fragrance in a humid environment. I think this is going to be my present to myself on my birthday. Apparently, the bottle design was inspired by an orchid about to bloom.

Chemistry: The Beautiful Fragrance has top notes of Pomegranate, Persimmon, and a Lovely Lush Green Accord. The Heart then blends into a sensual Lotus Blossom and black Orchid. Bottom notes are Amber, Violet, Cream And Woods.

'Simple yet sensual, comforting yet captivating'. This one is a strong and bold woman's perfume. I imagine a powerful and sophisticated business mogul. She has a mysterious and seductive nature. I'm not too familiar with Armani's fragrances and I hear their women's perfumes are not as popular as the males (this one was created from the male version) but this is a good attempt.

Chemistry: Orange flower note with fresh ginger accents and the caress of honey-sandalwood accord.


Aww...too cute.

This really made me want to go and get the perfume (only thing stopping me was the price tag)

I Think this has a lot to do with the CSS track.


SET said...

I know what u mean when you have so many to choose from, I think you have amazing choices, I have not tested the Elle, but the other 3 are a beautiful choices. Armani Code is amazing. Check out some Bulgari fragrances too, they are amazing.
Hi Lady, I am well. How are you?

Kira Fashion said...

You are so right! There are so many options...But almost all are so great.

Did you try any from Chanel?

a kiss for you!

v said...

love css

Marian said...

hey dear hope your well. thank you for the lovely comment. I adore the Armani Code,that's been a fave for some time now. IT'S GORGEOUS!

Tiger Tem said...

We seem to be drawn to very different perfumes as I haven't tried any of these. I remember looking for ages to find a signature scent...Coco Mademoiselle is fabulous. Bulgari do a FANTASTIC selection, blu, blu notte, te verte and the new amethyst one. I actually think I have all 4...ain't duty free grand!

Dropsofglamour said...

mmm maybe i should try some bulgari fragrances too.
@ tigertem - Duty free is heaven sent. lol


Omo Oba, na waaaaa ohhh.

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HighOnLollypops said...

so...have u chosen a scent yet? my favs are Delicious DKNY and Kate by Kate Moss...

kimberly said...

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