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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Patricia Field For Marks and Spencer

Hello Everyone! Apologies for my irregular posting lately, I've been snowed under.  I hope things settle down by next month so I can get back on track with the blog.  Thank you as always for visiting the blog. xoxo

Patricia Field's line with Marks and Spencer was launched online today at midnight. Personally, it's not as great as I assumed it would be, but then again M&S is involved so what else is to be expected?! Of course there are one or two pieces that are worthy of some attention...

The Stud belt - Handy for adding edge to an outfit and for re-creating that much loved Sex and the city Carrie Bradshaw look - the belt made several appearances in the movie version.  I predict this one is going to be a hot seller (I would get it for myself but I find myself quite broke in the mist of the credit crunch :-() 

The Iconic Orchid Corsage Dress - This is a black version of the dress that Carrie wore in the movie. I adore the gorgeous flower corsage and the black version is definitely more wearable. 

The Floral Puffball Dress - Ok i think it would look a lot nicer on a more normal looking human being...only God knows why they keep using these anorexic looking models.  It's made from rose detail jacquard and combines the puffball and pencil skirt - Fabulous!!! 

The shoe print scarf and shopper - Love, love and luurrve these! I'm not usually a fan of all things bright and colourful but they are so fun and quirky and feature Patricia Field's iconic shoe print.   

I'll try and be back again soon. Till then, stay fabulous my lovelies x x 


Tiger Tem said...

WOW! I had no idea that was in the unexpected collaboration but an interesting one. The stuff looks okay after my initial first glance but I'll take a closer look now.

I think M&S are okay for what they do. Simple, cost effective basics. But I like the look.

Sounds like we've both been snowed under with work. What's kept your hands tied?

SET said...

Hi, I got the studded belt from her site and sent it back it was poorly made, I am looking at another one hope its beautiful. Patricia Field is a genius, Nov Elle Mag has a good article on her and the movies she worked on and how she has inspired women.

Savvy Mode SG said...

very cute. i have to have my gal pals look into it for me.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I love all the sex and the city outfits! I really need to get a studded belt! can't wait for the second movie!

diamondsinchampagne said...

Omg that dress is so much more gorgeous in black. I did love the white, but there is something so beautiful about the black.
(Love the studded belt too, im looking for little gloves and a dress with studs, haven't found the perfect one yet)