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Sunday, June 22, 2008

I heart DVF's Tuvallu dress.

Sigh! I can't afford it but i'm still allowed to obsess, right? In my opinion Diane Von Furstenburg is my go-to designer when it comes to print dresses or skirts. This particular dress could just as easily be worn casually with jeans or dressy with heels and a clutch.

Keyshia Cole illustrates how it can be worn as a sexy minidress at the fashion event by Toyota.

Speaking of 'if looks could kill', have you guys checked out the webisodes? It follows an aspiring fashion designer, Bianca, who's involved in international espionage by night. The viewer can interact with Bianca to help her unravel the mystery that has suddenly become her life. The first episode is called 'Haute Pursuit' and other episodes will keep rolling-out.

Here are some photos from the Launch party:

There is an upcoming event in Chicago on the 26th - I was sent a flyer but can't figure out how to include it here, lol!


Whitney said...

Fab post honey! Thank you for sharing this :)

Feel free to e-mail me if you'd like to get images for the event flyers.

Take care,
Whitney Maiers

Tiger Tem said...

as you already know...I love Tuvallu too.