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Monday, May 12, 2008

New Accessories For Spring/Summer: #4 Mini Bags

Isabel Marant Spring 2008 runway

This is one trend i have an extreme desire to possess (gladiator sandals too!) . However, i don't know if i could ever manage a small bag as i currently carry everything but the kitchen sink in my handbag. Having seen almost every other women/girl that passes by with these across their bodies, the satchel bag is back with a vengeance ladies!

They are soooo cute and ladylike. I guess the best things really do come in small sizes.

Clockwise: Khaki across body bag (Old Navy), Gold heart bag (Dorothy Perkins), Nautical mini canvas bag (ASOS), River Island, Embellished pouch (Warehouse), Studded pouch (Warehouse), Leather Zip detail satchel (Topshop), Across body satchel (Warehouse), Cherry picklock bag (Topshop), Mini bow bag (


Kira Fashion said...

those bags are so cool, i have one for summer, full of beach flowers...

love the adds,
you are in my links of the day ;)

see you,

SET said...

I actually checked some out yesterday, not sure I am sold on them yet. will be nice for a party you can dance with it on you.

Tiger Tem said...

I'm a total fan of the mini bag. So liberating to not have to schelp around some huge monster that weighs the same as a small child! Love, love, love the mini bag. It mainly forces all of us to be a tad more organised. Book, ipod, wallet, keys...what else do you reallu need?