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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Darlings, you look just fabulicious!!

Seems like Nicole Ritchie's post baby style is slightly hippie and she particularly favours the maxi dress of late. Looks like she's taking inspiration from her former stylist, Rachel Zoe. like the added detail with the brown belt and its a great print.

Like her grown up and glam look
Solange Knowles rocking the americana trend at Cochella. I want Gladiators :-)

I lurrrrrrve Michelle Monaghan's gown for the 'Made of Honor' premiere. It has a gothic edge to it.

So simple. It doesn't look like she's made a big effort but somehow she still manages to look great. Damn you Eva (lol!)


jo said...

michelle's gown is gorgeous! love it that it isn't plain black. the grey accents really bring out the draping

shop liquorice said...

LOVELOVELOVE michelle's dress! that belt is BANGIN'! sigh. must find on ebay, LOL.