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Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Accessories For Spring: #3 Candy Coloured bags

Everything is about bright colours this season and that also includes Handbags. This is good news for me now that i am going back to my black on black formula...apparently my attempts to change this has resulted in an explosion of purple in my wardrobe. I wasn't even aware of it until I ridiculed a work mate for wearing too much yellow to which they retorted by pointing out my purple fetish! 'Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones' suddenly had a meaning to me, lol!

Back to the subject. I have chosen some pieces to inspire you:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Quinn Bag
I'm starting with my one of my favourite designers, Marc Jacobs. This soft leather bag in lemon yellow is super cute, simple, stylish and its from the Marc by Marc range which is more affordable (I say affordable but that's like my whole pay for a week and a half!)

This one by Salvatore Ferragamo is a bit too mature for me but i can still admire it from afar :-)

Zagliani Metallic python clutch

The Eve Lambskin clutch is my favourite. Classic shape in a size subtle enough to complement any outfit. The Lauren Merkin collection consists of around ten shapes and boasts a wide range of fabrics and leathers in classic, fun or daring finishes. Me likey!

Another one by Marc, the 'Quilted Mary'. He's still incorporating the link chains, golden brass hardware and quilted grained leather (all key features of the hit 'Stam' bag). Great colour as well!

Are you a fan of the colour revolution?


Uzo said...

Not bad..Nice and colorful..never been a fan of the quilted look including te Chanel bags..and that metallic purple thing just looks tacky to me...

SET said...

I want that Salvatore Ferragamo, I love it.

Oyinkan said...

@Uzo: I hated the quilted look when they were first on the scene especially those ugly cheap towel looking chanel bags from like 4yrs ago. But i'm changing my mind with the new styles coming up

@ SET: ooh... someone has expensive taste