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Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Accessories For Spring: #1 Embellished Headbands

I thought I'd start with the headbands since i was harping on about it in my last post. There are so many variations in the shops right now to suit everyone's tastes but if you want to make an effort and go for super glam, then the embellished headband is just what you need.
These gorgeous hair accessories are super cute and girlie, i just love them. Finish off an up-do with it or use it to make a casual outfit more feminine.
A selection from Nordstrom

I like the leopard print styles and as long as you keep the color pallete of your outfit simple, it should work well. Leopard print seems to work really well on lots of accessories, the designers can't get enough of it!

Miu Miu Jewel Embellished Headband

This black satin headband with multi coloured jewel embellishment by Miu Miu is very classy. It retails at £113! Can you believe it? Something that tiny should not amount to that much, lol! But nevermind, there are plenty of high street stores that have pretty much the same type of thing that will cost you like £5 so crises averted, unless you are a total designer label whore.

photos: Nordstrom, Miu Miu

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