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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Missing The Hills

My name is Oyinkan and i'm an addict...of 'The hills'! Lol gotcha! Yes o! I never paid any attention to these MTV reality tv shows but ever since i watched an episode of 'The hills' just out of nothing better to do, i became obsessed. The fashion, the parties, the teen vogue office and of course drama drama drama. Unfortunately, i am having serious withdrawals cos its been off the air for too long (ok when i say too long thats like 2months). Its supposedely back on sometime in spring it gosh it can't come soon enough.

There's speculation out there that the show is staged and some episodes definately seem that way but pahlease i dont care! I think i really enjoy it because their lives are so unlike mine and its a form of escapism for me so the more staged it becomes the better :-)Its like a freakin' soap opera.

So in anticipation of the next season i'm going through the things I like most about the show. Here goes:

Lauren' Conrad's Headbands/Scarves

These are so in fashion at the moment but Lauren's been rocking the headband since laguna beach. I've just got myself two and i think every girl should have one in her accessories box. A plain one and something more fun and colorful (mine's leopard print). For more versatility scarves are great. Use it as a headband, a belt, a Handbag accessory or around your neck...EASY!
Spencer Pratt!

Yep! Spencer the lunatic fiancee of annoying Heidi Montag. Its more of a love-to=hate him thing but let's be honest he's hilarious. I bet his parents thought he was the kid from the omen when they had him. The boy thinks he's a thug and his hatred for Lauren is like nothing i've ever seen.

He ended his long time friendship with Brody his best friend just because he wouldn't stop hanging with Lauren. This is how the conversation went down...
Brody: Dude i've called you like five times, what you're not returning my phonecalls?
Spencer: I really have nothing to say to you
Brody: You're mad at me? What are you mad at me for?
Spencer: I've been hearing about who your new little best friend is and i dont respect that
B: Dude if you are mad at me for hanging out with lauren, that is ridiculous! How long have we been friends...i'm not going to have an enemy just cos you hate her. Its just not who i am
S: You can make excuses. I care about loyalty and you have none of it
B: Dude i dont have a problem with you. I love you and we've been best friends since kids and i dont have a problem with Lauren so i'm not going to hate her just cos you do
S: You are rolling around with my enemy so that makes you my enemy, can you not see how it works?
B: I feel like im in high school!
S: I got nothin' to say to you [click]
B: Lil' Bitch!
Lol! That about sums up what spencer really is. He even started a fight with Heidi's collegue in public and threatened to beat him up after which he started accusing the poor guy of assulting him. This was all because the guy adviced her on the office dress code. Erm...i don't think you are suppose to turn up at work with full on cleavage!

The cat fights and break-ups

Gosh! They fight about everything and nothing and someone is always crying or being betrayed. The number one reason...Boys! Doh as usual thats what women always fight about, its so cliche. Their boyfriend choices are quite foolish but hey you have to go through the bad ones to get to prince charming or so i've heard.

Clothes Clothes Clothes
Half of this show is all about the outfits and the girls are always dressed to the nines.

Lauren Bosworth aka Lo
Lauren Conrad's best friend through high school and Laguna Beach. I heard she is now going to be permanently on the show now because she is moving in with LC. She's always been the smart one but really funny. I suspect she wasnt featured a lot because she has very strict parents and is a little more conservative than the others.
Teen Vogue Office
Lauren and Whitney are both interns at teen vogue magazine. That would be my dream job, being surrounded by clothes all day long! Its been rumoured that they have left for new horizons as they are like 23 and getting too old for teen vogue.

My favourite teen vogue moment was when Marc Jacobs turned up backstage to introduce himself to Lauren. If that was me, i think i would have just embarrassed myself and stood there looking like an idiot but Lauren actually remained cool despite the fact that she is obssessed with the designer.

Next up are 8 episodes of LC and Whitney's adventures in the romantic city of Paris. The preview looks like some kinda fairytale where lauren meets a sexy french guy and he takes her on a tour of the city at night on his motorbike.



Tiger Tem said...

Hmmmm. The Hills. Its like junk food. You know its bad, but love it anyway. The clothes, the silliness, the glam setting...all from the comfort of our sofas!

Lauren's smart. She knows what she's doing and she knows when the cameras are on. She's upgraded from her BMW to a nice convertible yes, she knows what side her bread is buttered on and clearly prioritises the shows ratings.

And that's just a long way of saying its sooooo scripted.

Spencer and Heidi are fools. Fools! Funny to watch though. I saw like a 2 second clip of some ghastly music video Heidi's just done, directed and produced by spencer. Look it up on youtube.

But be warned I couldn't watch all of it junk food, you gots to know when to stop!!!

Oyinkan said...

I almost went blind from the shock of seeing the video. I actually thought it was some kind of Joke at first but apparently, thats a real legit music video. Wow! too bad she got too big for her shoes...i doubt they will be making it to the next season since they both have no friends.

SET said...

You and a lot of us are the same when it come to The Hill, I enjoy watching and am certainly missing it. Lauren launch her new clothing line at Kitson or lisa Kline in LA this week I think.

Oyinkan said...

Yea thats right. I saw some of it and its pretty similar to what she usually wears herself. She's even named some items after Audrina, Lo and Whitney...aww. and i love her handbag for linea pelle.

Tiger Tem said...
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Tiger Tem said...

Nothing particularly interesting but I like her and so does America so i'm sure she'll do well. Her style is that quintessential laidback california vibe that's very popular. Similar in style to lots of the body skimming jersey school of thought. Names like Ya-Ya, Susanna Monaco, Sweetees, C&C California, Splendid, Ella Moss all spring to mind.

Anonymous said...

yeah love the hills mostly because of spencer. the guy is crazy nd slightly evil but very entertaining.