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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

MeMe - Tiger's version

10 Random things about me
1. Whenever i wash my hands, i always pour water over the tap before i can close it. Does any one else do that?

2. My biggest phobias are the fear of being on a plane, being buried alive and public toilets!

3. I think i would go into a coma if i was told that i could never listen to music ever again.

4. I have achieved not sleeping for 42 hours straight! It wasn't pretty, a lot of twitching was involved.

5. As unbelievable as it may sound, i actually hate shopping! I find it tiring and someone always manages to step on my foot (ugh!), Online shopping is the way to go but unfortunately you can't touch or try on anything.

6. I don't drink alcohol, never been drunk/tipsy and i never tried a cancer stick!
7. I'm a bit of a control freak which is probably one of the reasons i choose not to drink. I love it. I am always the annoying one who knows exactly what went down the night before and can tell everyone what stupid things they did, lol!
8. I can be annoyingly indecisive and a worry way too much
9. I lurvvvvvvvvvvve musicals :-)
10. For some strange reason i have every single ticket from movies i've seen at the cinema for the past 6 years. I dont know why. I've kinda stopped now but i cant bring myself to throw them away.
There it is. I'll do Uzo's version later


Tiger Tem said...

Phobia of flying? Wowza, that must be a tricky one.

I know what you mean about shopping. best thing is to go during 'off peak' hours when you can. Early morning at the weekends or midweek if you can. World of difference.

Interesting list.

Oyinkan said...

Yea the flying thing is tricky. Lots of lavender oil, deep breaths, praying and good music.

Uzo said...

Okay...I have done over 42 hours without sleep before in the course of work..I was numb after...

The pouring water over the tap thing..LOL..Obsessive compulsive...

I wont say i have a phobia for flying but i know its not my favorite thing to do....

And i so love shopping